Monday, 18 May 2015

Review No. 112 Clicker Heroes - PC (3+)

Strong Points:
Lots of heroes
Lots of upgrades
Good graphics
Superb music
Nice lore
Good to keep running on the background...
... but it doesn't need to be on to play
Stupid amounts of damage is quite fun to use
Ascension keeps you playing after the game would have gotten boring
Lots of achievements
Earlier heroes are given a longer life thanks to some 4* DPS upgrades
You can either set it to progress through the levels (Progress Mode) or farm the same level (Farm Mode) when you reach level 100
Relics and Mercenaries add more to the game
The 'Join a Random Clan' Button is helpful
Clans add more to the game...

Weak Points:
Not many upgrades per hero
Still saves to your browser which means deleting cookies can wipe your data (make sure to save to a txt file in order to prevent this)
So much damage that numbers become meaningless
Can become quite repetitive
Relics can be quite hard to find
... but cost 50 Rubies to create (you can join random ones but it would be nice to be able to create your own for free)

Rating: 66%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 13th May 2015

Click to do everything - clues in the name. (Hold z, ctrl or shift to order batches of heroes).

Okay, I know that this is technically an idle browser game but it was released on Steam so...

Anyways, in Clicker Heroes, you are tasked with destroying monsters with HP bars that wouldn't look out of place in a Final Fantasy game on steroids (it's a good thing your DPS has taken a few buffs as well then) by both clicking the enemies to death or by waiting for your heroes to do the damage.

In order to increase your damage output you will need to spend obscene amounts of gold in order to hire and level up heroes and gods to do battle for you. Numbers soon become meaningless - only the blood of your enemies (and your now broken finger/mouse) can measure your success. Oh, and the Steam achievements which you can now easily farm (15 achievements for an hour of not doing much is pretty good).

The graphics are good and the music's great (think Pirates of the Caribbean and you're on the right track). The actual heroes are clever nods to both gaming and real history with King Midas wearing all gold armour and his knight being called Sir George II as well as your helper being named Cid after the character from Final Fantasy. In addition, the game appears to have a bit of background lore that could almost make the FNAF Game Theory shiver in terror.

One great point is that the game grinds through enemies even when you're not online which makes it a really idle game (and lets you look forward to a bout of upgrades when you wake up). However, you cannot progress through levels (of which there are over 5000) like this and, so, still have to actually go on the game in order to get further. As well as normal enemy stages (defeat 10 enemies to progress) there are also boss stages which involves you having to defeat an über-strong enemy in 30 seconds. Expect the numbers to break here.

Luckily, as well as leveling up heroes, you can also upgrade them further with character specific upgrades/items which might have the added bonus of giving you special abilities in order to do more damage. This is when the calculator explodes.

And, once you get so far into the game, you get the option to destroy it all and reset your heroes to level 0 (your achievements, Gilded Heroes and Ancients are left untouched) in return for a Hero Soul (1 per 2000 hero levels). As well as this, you can get hero souls for beating certain bosses. Then you can spend your Hero Souls on getting and upgrading Ancients - heroes with a risk and reward system of powers.

Finally, there is the shop. Oh, micro-transactions how we loathe you. The shop enables you to buy gold, Hero Souls, ability cool downs and Gilded Heroes (upgrades of normal heroes that give them a new look and 50% more DPS. You also get one Gilded Hero for beating every 10 zones after zone 100). You can either buy Rubies (the premium currency) or find them in hidden objects.   

Overall, Clicker Heroes is a nice little game to have running in the background and has the added bonus of making you think you're doing more damage than you really are (as well as being more in-depth than it looks at first glance).  

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: a new Ancient (Ancient Revolc) has appeared to join your cause!. Also, there is now a double chance to get double rubies from hidden collectibles. In addition, you'll no longer loss progress if Steam crashes before syncing to cloud.

Update: a new Relic system has been found! You now get a random Relic when you kill a Relic Ooze (a new monster that spawns once per ascension after Zone 99 and only after your first ascension). There are also more Relic-based achievements and Idle Mode now only cancels if you click on a monster twice in a 5 minute interval.

Update: you can now join/create Clans so as to bring other mighty heroes to your cause! Then, work together to defeat Immortals for the Soul (get it?) purpose of rewards (in the form of Hero Souls). Also, the Q button now lets you buy the max amount of hero levels rather than 9999 of them and there is less lag when using it. Finally, there is a minimize button for heroes when holding down ctrl, shift or Z.

Update: the Ancients have brought a couple of fixes:
Clan Raids no longer break idle mode
Clan Screens now sort members in descending order
The unlimited raids exploit has been fixed along with some other, minor, bug fixes

Update: the Halloween update brings with it a lot of additions:
Numbers now grow infinitely, making me wonder if it truly does have an end?...
Heroes have x4 and x10 multipliers for a lot more levels, making the numbers ridiculously huge
Click combos now start decaying after about 5 minutes
Ancients are now minimizable
The stats panel has been reorganized and a few more stats have been added
Clans can now be disbanded but only if you are the last member of it
Clans will no longer get stuck on high level immortals
Halloween stuff!

Update: the Mercenaries have been hired and brought with them a couple of things:
Themselves - the Mercenaries can be used to complete quests for various rewards
Relics can be upgraded with forge cores up to level 50
There is now a button to ascend on the main screen so that you don't have to search for a certain Ancient Egyptian God all the time
Lots of other minor fixes/improvements

Update: Christmas has arrived and brought with it some nice treats!
5 new heroes have arrived to do battle against the endless hoard!
Mercenary-based achievements!
Bug fixes

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