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Review No. 111 Scribblenauts Unlimited - PC (3+)

Strong Points:
Unique ideas - write items in the notebook to create them and solve puzzles
Cute game style - the cartoony theme works well with the little mini-storylines
New mechanics - can add adjectives to objects to help solve some problems
Wide vocabulary - can solve puzzles in many funny/creative ways
Steam Workshop - can create objects and allow others to download and use them

Weak Points:
Difficulty level is low - is easy for most people (with common sense)
Puzzles can be boring
No way to change difficulty level - can be frustratingly easy
Steam Workshop - some items glitch your game

Rating: 84%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Australia: November 28, 2012
North America: November 19, 2012
Europe: February 15, 2013

Controls: Source: Allgame
W/A/S/D Keys Or Up/Left/Down/Right Arrows: move Maxwell
Spacebar: jump
F Key: interact
R Key: use stairs/elevators/and level exits
8/4/2/6 Keys: move the camera
Q Key: rotate an object left
E Key: rotate an object right
Esc Key: open the menu
Left Mouse Button: move Maxwell/drag objects/interact
Mouse Wheel: camera zoom
Right Mouse Button: move camera
Enter Key: enter write mode
O Key: access the object editor
M Key: access the world map
V Key: see with Starite vision
B Key: open the magic backpack

The basic concept behind Scribblenauts is the idea that you create objects and add adjectives to solve puzzles.

Scribblenauts starts with a cutscene, in which Maxwell's parents' lives are described (Maxwell being the main character in the game). Maxwell is given a notebook which can create anything written in it instantly, and his sister, Lily, is given a globe which transports you wherever. One day, Maxwell and his sister are playing when an old man comes up to them and asks them for food. Maxwell creates a rotten apple, and the man curses his sister! He then disappears, and you are left in the farm.
Lily's curse is being turned, slowly, to stone. To save her, Maxwell must gather enough Starites (which he obtains by making people happy) and give them to her. Therefore, you must solve the puzzles and make the citizens of the world happy.

There are two new things which Scribblenaughts Unlimited adds to the series.
An overworld which you play the levels on instead of separate levels,
Object Editor - allows you to make objects and put them in game.

The Object Editor is really fun to use and you can create lots of cool things if you use your imagination. However you are only allowed to use items in Scribblenaughts extensive dictionary.
If you have this game on Steam you can share these objects with the world via the Steam Workshop where you can download other peoples and rate them.

The levels are fun to play and are quite long due to them being in a large overworld instead of little levels. Also instead of just collecting Starites like the older games of the series, you collect Starite Shards which turn into a Starite when you collect enough of them. The main problem with this game (and series) is that most levels can be completed by using an item over and over again like wings, tractor beam etc. and the game doesn't really test you to be creative and this makes the levels quite boring after a while.

Also due to the series being sued by the creators of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat (both items in the game) the game wasn't released in all countries on all the consoles.

Conclusion: overall this game is a fun little game however it feels more at home on a mobile console for quick play.

See you later guys,
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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