Friday, 15 May 2015

App Review No. 84 Quiz Up

Strong Points:
Lots of categories with more being added all the time
Lots of questions in the categories with more being added all the time
Levelling and titles are a great way to keep you playing
Lots of achievements
Can challenge and see the activity of your friends
Nice, stylish layout
Good music
Discussions on your favourite topics
The social network parts are quite fun to use and you can find many memes etc. ...

Weak Points:
Some achievement hints are a bit vague
Some people are out-of-reach on the more popular leaderboards
Some topics are so close for points that it makes it tedious (always ends up in a draw)
Levelling very difficult after a while
Match-making could have some work
...however, it needs to be careful so that it stays as a quiz app first, social network second.

Rating: 94%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 9th October 2013

Tap correct answer when prompted.

An app which combines all the best bits about trivia, competition, apps and levelling would be great you ask. Well look no further. Quiz Up is here. This app has 740 topics (as of time of writing) spanning across all subjects from general knowledge to Pokémon and The Big Bang Theory to the countries of the world. You can pick any of them straight away with no need to purchase topics with coins or IAP's as well. Each topic has lots of questions so you rarely get repeats and with more getting added all the time, this number is set to get smaller.

The idea of the game is simple. You read a question and you have ten seconds to choose the correct one out of up to four choices. Each second you wait decreases the amount of points you earn from that round. The person with the highest amount of points at the end is the winner. The user interface of the game is really simple and clean with no ads to get in the way either.

There are achievements as well which range from win streaks and playing against people from around the world to rather cryptic hints about which topics to choose and level up in. Levelling is a great way to keep you interested with most topics giving you a title every five or ten levels. However, the xp required for the higher levels increases quickly so you may find it becoming slightly tedious, especially if it is in a topic with not much variation e.g Name The Pokémon. The titles are creative and fun with obvious thought being put into some of the puns e.g cutie π.

The ability to make and challenge friends is nice and the activity log is good to see how much your friends are losing to your might! You can chat to friends and join discussions based around topics you play as well.

The musics, sounds and graphics work well with the style of game and the game itself is very polished. However, some of the topics, especially ones like general knowledge, are very American based which makes it hard for other people around the world to compete (this has now been fixed as more topics were introduced). Finally, the match-making could use some work as a beginner can (and have) face off against a level 200 expert.

Conclusion: overall this app is a must have for all trivia and quiz lovers. Now to get that next level.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Bug fixes and stability improvements

You can now share your own topics
Daily rewards are now always delivered to people
Live chat has been introduced!

Bug fixes and stability improvements

Stickers are available in chat
A new layout for iPad

Bug fixes and stability improvements

Improved rematch screen
Upped the max level for a topicc
Can save photos straight to your lock screen
You can copy chat messages
You have to choose three favourite topics at the beginning  
Bug fixes

Display age toggle in privacy settings
Can no longer mash the post button
Bug fixes

Bug and stability fixes
Added more space for answers on iPhone 4

You can delete your own feed items and comments
Animated win/lose labels
US states can now become locations
Bug fixes

Design change
Find people depending on their topic choices
Follow people instead of becoming their friend...
Each topic has its own community
You can find out the percentage of questions you have answered for a topic

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