Saturday, 30 May 2015

Live Blog: Pokémon VGC 2015

Going to Manchester for the Championships. Just doing final checks and edits now. More when we get there.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Got in and registered! We also managed to get a free shiny Noibat (for Martin) and shiny Rayquaza (for me!) from some guy (thanks to him!). I also bought some coasters with Pokèmon box art on, I got a Pokèmon Gold one and a Pokèmon Red one as well as two decks of cards! And then I managed to get a Charizard amiibo and a free Charmander poster from my Dad. Finally, we bought an Eevee keychain for my sister. Hey the merchandise was good this year! I'll put some pics up later (or Satamer might do an unboxing). Battling starts at about 1pm so more then!
Goodbye for now, Harry

Let's start!
Had lunch and am now waiting for the battles to start. Trying to get the Mystery Gift Pacharischu but there's about 800 people trying to get it so... More later...
Goodbye for now, Harry

Has a practice round against my Dad. Results: 1 win, 1 loss (with Martin's help I might add!). Battles should start soon.
Goodbye for now, Harry
Choose your mega

Or you could go with these guys!

Had our first pairings! They turned out to be not our battle pairings though - just to sort out who was missing (quite a few people). I think I saw one of the people I battled last year but he didn't remember battling (and beating) me :(
Goodbye for now, Harry

First results: 
Harry - win (4 - 0. Opponent only had 4 total Pokémon so I could get a good counter)
Martin - win (2 - 0)
Mark - loss (0 - 3)
Goodbye for now, Harry
Which will you join?
P.S. We got Pacharischu!
Which will you join?

Second results:
Harry - loss (0 - 2. In a battle of status effects and RNG, one man will win... and it wasn't me. Great game though!)
Martin - loss (0 - 3)
Mark - loss (0 - 3. Put asleep for entire match by a fungus and was brutally murdered. Warning kids: don't eat mushrooms)
Goodbye for now, Harry

Third results:
Harry - win! (2 - 0. I battled a Dark Void Smeargle but, luckily, the gods of Focus Sash were smiling kindly on me today!)
Mark - win! (3 - 0!!!)
Martin - loss - (0 - 3)
Martin's fourth and fifth results: 
Loss (0 - 4)
Loss (0 - 3)
Goodbye for now, Harry

Fourth results:
Harry - loss (0 - 4. 3 turn game; I got absolutely destroyed by a Pixelate Choice Specs Sylveon with Hyper Voice)
Mark - win! (2 - 0)
Martin (6th results) - win (3 - 0)
Martin (7th results) - win - (4 - 0. Easy - in-game team was probably being used)
Goodbye for now, Harry

Fifth results:
Harry - win (4 - 0. 0 turns! I'm just that good!... It was a bye, wasn't it? Oh yeah.)
Mark - loss (0 - 3)
Martin (final results) - 52 out of 67.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Martin's final results and place - he finished about four hours earlier than us!

Sixth results:
Harry - win (2 - 0. Great placed Tailwind and Gliscor)
Mark - loss (0 - 1. Slow death by Venesaur)
Goodbye for now, Harry

Seventh results
Harry - loss (0 - 4. So many immunities! And I can't get into top cut now, unfortunately. Maybe in my seventh championships!)
Mark - loss (0 - 1. Another drawn out battle)
Goodbye for now, Harry

Eighth results
Harry - loss (0 - 2)
Mark - loss (0 - 2)
Goodbye for now, Harry

Ninth results
Harry - win! (4 - 0. It was a bye! Still ended on a win, technically, though! And that means that I've had more wins than losses today!)
Mark - loss (0 - 2)
I'll update the final results tomorrow once they've posted them on Facebook (unfortunately, I can't find them and, so, can't put them up. If anyone has any information regarding the location of the results, please comment)

Final comments: 
Harry: it was a great day and I really enjoyed most of the battles I did. I'm also pleased with my win/loss ratio (even with byes) although it would be nice to have gotten into top cut. They really need to streamline the organising though (surely computerising it would help?) as it made it a very long day with lots of waiting. And the merchandise was a nice bonus!
Mark: there's definitely a lot more to Pokémon than I first thought (as well as a lot more Pokémon) with all of the different moves, stats and effects. Happy with two legit wins, though! However it could have been organised better.
Martin: it was a good day but maybe next time I should prepare more... And they should prepare more as well!
Goodbye for now, Harry

My final results, not counting byes

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