Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions Version 2.0

The time has come again for us to say goodbye to another incredible year for the blog and YouTube. With (at the time of writing) an amazing 34,564 views, 291 posts, 100 games reviews, 76 app reviews, 2 posts with over 2000 views each and some very tired, but happy writers with 1 post a day (bar Christmas and Boxing Day) for the month of December. We've had writers leave, join, return and each have written superb posts for the blog.

To think that 10,000 views was a seemingly impossible feat last year and we've more than tripled that is just extraordinary. Now, I think, some thanks are in order. Thanks to all the games companies for another stellar year of gaming. Thanks to all the people who have collaborated with us be it with review copies or affiliation or just sharing our posts. Thanks to the writers who, without their continued creativity and support this blog would not be running, let alone where it is today. And finally, thanks to you, the readers who continually read, share, comment and (hopefully) enjoy our posts. With the thanks done, here is what you can expect in the coming year (subject to change).

26th March: our second birthday spectacular celebration of awesomeness! (name trademarked). Let's try and get to 50,000 views by then shall we?
More live blogs: Pokémon Video Game Championships 2015, Eurogamer and much more!
Retro week: a week celebrating all things retro, where we replace our laptops with typewriters and proceed to go on about the 'good old days'.
More leaderboards

And even more fantastic posts!

That's the blog, now onto YouTube. We had an influx of views and subscribers in the last month or so mostly due to the unboxings we have done. With (at the time of writing) 5,444 views, 36 subscribers and a video with over 2000 views, the channel has definitely seen growth. Now let's keep that momentum. Here's what to expect from the channel over the next year (again subject to change).

More of the Warframe playthrough: maybe we'll get past the first two worlds!
Different let's plays: from Age of Empires to Tomb Raider, some more let's plays should be on the way. Comment which games you want me to play and I will see if I can.
Tale of Two Gamers: this will take the form of either a blog post series or YouTube depending on time, resources etc.
More unboxings and hauls.
Music videos featuring some video game characters.

And even more amazing videos!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a brilliant 2015, Satamer.

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