Sunday, 18 January 2015

App Review No. 79 Save The Frog

Strong Points:
Easy to learn, hard to master
Amazing music
Lots of frogs
Graphics are nice for the game

Weak Points:
Other modes would be nice
Games played is displayed front and centre
Difficulty slope is quite steep
Frogs only seem to change colour

Rating: 86%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:

Tap left, right, above or below the frog to jump onto another lily pad.

You are tasked with saving a frog from rapidly diminishing lily pads (that then grow again). To do this you have to touch a lily pad in the direction you want to go (as long as that isn't diagonal because we all know frogs can't do that). Once you get to the orange lily pad (isn't that dangerous) you move onto the next level.

In the first level, your home lily pad (the yellow one) stays static but after that it shrinks like all the others. As there is no time to think, this adds an extra layer of freedom as you have to think on your (webbed) feet. However, the suddenness that this happens means that the difficulty slope for the first bit is quite high and so quite frustrating.

I've only gotten past level 3/4 a few times but once past it you get into your stride and can progress the levels with relative ease (until you make a mistake of course). As the old saying goes: easy to learn, hard to master.

The graphics are good for the kind of game and the music is superb (even if not particularly to do with the game). There are lots of frogs to get although they only seem to change the colour of the frog and nothing else which is a shame. To get the frogs, you have to collect fireflies (for 1 point) and flies (for 2 points).

Also, while I may be the only person who doesn't like this, the amount of games played is displayed front and centre which is a turn off for me, as you suddenly realise just how long you have played the game!

Finally, more modes would be great. Maybe one which stops the lily pads from moving but you have a limited number of moves to get to the objective (there could be obstacles etc.)

Conclusion: overall this game is a fun, addictive time waster which could do with just a little more content. Now, just one more game...

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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