Friday, 9 January 2015

App Review No. 78 bit.BEAT

Strong Points:
Nice electro music
Retro graphics
Interesting control scheme

Weak Points:
Can get repetitive
Bugs - columns suddenly move very quickly up and down
Graphics can judder and get stuck
Leaderboards appear as a message box

Rating: 68%

In-depth Review:

Release Date:
World Wide: 2nd May, 2014

Tap screen to jump
Tap screen twice to double jump
Tap screen 3+ times to hover

This app takes the endless runner genre, makes it 2D and adds a lot of squares. The idea of the game is to gain points and beat the leaderboards. You gain points by an interesting concept. Every time you touch the bottom border you gain one point (running along it racks up the points). Touching the top border gives you 10 points. However, good luck getting to the top border as it is very difficult.

To get there, you have to jump. Tap once to jump once, twice to double jump and tap and hold after that to hover (squares can hover now). Jumping increases jumping capabilities, allowing you to get higher (like a trampoline).

So far the game seems easy but now obstacles come into play. These obstacles vary (although they all look the same). From stationary ones, to ones which move up and down and ones which move across the screen or ones which do both. This means that the hover and double jump mechanics need to be used frequently to just survive. However, because you're dodging the obstacles at such a quick pace, scoring becomes a secondary objective. The columns can also suddenly speed up and you can do nothing but see your square friend slowly fall into the obstacle.

The graphics are nice and retro, although the colours could've changed a bit as it got harder. The music has a good, electro feel to it and works well with the game.

Conclusion: overall this game is another addictive and challenging endless runner with just enough uniqueness and charm to be worth a look.

Thanks for reading, Satamer

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