Monday, 5 January 2015

App Review No. 77 Pixel Gun 3D

Strong Points:
Good Minecraft like graphics and animations
Lots of weapons
Great campaign
Nice multiplayer
Survival is a great way to get coins
Cool skin changer
Lots of multiplayer modes

Weak Points:
Difficult to get coins in early game
Some lag in multiplayer games
Difficult to level up
Long loading times

Rating: 92%
In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 22 February, 2014

Tap/ slide corresponding buttons to jump/move/shoot/melee/choose weapon
Swipe: move camera

The first thing I thought of when I saw Pixel Gun was that it was Minecraft without crafting and added guns. Minegun if you will (wow, that was terrible). However, as you play it, you'll find that it is simply a Minecraft skin over a pretty great FPS.

There are three main modes: campaign, survival and multiplayer. Campaign follows the story of you trying to find out why your world has been turned into blocks and involves you battling many different enemies and bosses across many varied maps over the course of two level packs. I really enjoyed playing through it and it gives you something to aim for. It was a shame that it was so short and I really hope for a future update. You also get coins (the only currency) by completing levels (more coins for higher difficulties and even more for boss battles) although only about three per level.

Then there's survival mode which involves you trying to survive for as long as possible against waves of enemies from the campaign. This mode is great fun and is a brilliant way to get coins and test out new weapons although some of the later weapons can make it a bit easy (I'm looking at you area damage weapons).

The final mode is multiplayer, which comes in three varieties: deathmatch (which is your usual PvP maps and can be played locally or online), co-operative (which includes team survival (survival mode but... in teams), team battle (deathmatch but... in teams) and flag capture (where you have to capture the opponents flag and bring it back to your base)) and, finally, Deadly Games (which is basically the Hunger Games and involves you running forward at the beginning, grabbing a weapon and trying to survive. You can also find other weapons across the map with the goal being to be the last one alive). The multiplayer is good but can be a bit laggy and is full of hackers.

Next up are the weapons and there are loads of them. You can carry up to five weapons at a time (primary, backup, melee, special and premium) and all of them (besides the starting weapons and Alien Gun (which is found in the campaign) are brought through the use of coins. Some of them can also be upgraded. There is a huge variety of playstyles offered by the different types of weapons and the option to hold five at once means that you can be ready for almost any event. However, they are quite expensive. As well as weapons, you can also buy gear (shields, ammo and health) when in a game as well as potions which do various things such as granting invisibility and health regeneration.

Finally, you can customize your character through the use of preset skins as well as a skin maker. There are also capes (including a customisable one), hats and boots which are all brought through coins and give boosts.

Overall, Pixel Gun 3D is a great first person shooter with some brilliant modes including solo and multiplayer ones. I can't wait to see what comes next.

Goodbye for now, Harry

4 new summer guns
Two new guns
Weapon icons in game chat
A new, sunny, map - Paradise Resort
A new map for Team Battle and Flag Capture - Dangerous Roads
A label for revenge
A new button to enable faster transitions to a new map, directly from the match's results table
Improved, smoothing of movements in multiplayer
New death animations for different weapons
New animation for explosion for MECH and Turret and more!
Performance optimisations
Bug Fixes

New points system in the multiplayer modes
New maps: Scary Pizzeria and Cargo Ship
New hidden area in Survival
New weapons: Assault Machine Gun and Impulse Sniper Rifle
Upgrades for accessories
Local connection in Team Battle
Lots of bug fixes

Two new weapons: the Exterminator (a railgun revolver) and the Stinger (homing rocket launcher)
Three new language options - Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Simplified) and Korean
Reworked map - Slender Forest
Reworked controls
New player animations
New achievements in POINTS system
Some objects in maps now can damage you
New sounds for some items
Lots of bug fixes

A new chapter of the campaign mode has, finally, been added!
New mode (Points Capture) with a new map - Mining Camp
5x5 matches in multiplayer mode added!
Max level is now 31
New weapons and upgrades - more than 17 brand new guns added, each with unique mechanics
Premium account added
A lot of bug fixes

Two new weapons - real DRAGON and Fire Orb
Memory usage optimization
Fixed app crash on 19% of loading
A lot of bug fixes

Ten new weapons - a pack of Alien Weapons, a pack of Deadly Robot Weapons, a Shotgun Pistol, Ranger Rifle and others
Three new maps - Area 52 Labs, Portal Complex and Terrifying Resort
Robots have been added to several maps
Reworked Friends System
New messenger - allows you to chat to friends before battle
Friends search
A new mini mode - Adventure: Sandbox - a mode for play without weapons

Daily Marathon has been changed to Daily Gifts
There's a new weapon category - the Sniper. This allows you to take 6 weapons into battle at the same time!
Daily Quests - complete missions and get Gems and Coins
News section added
New rating system in Sandbox
Ammo is refilled after you respawn
All battle Gear items are now only available as bonuses in battles
Improved chats
Three new maps - Toy Factory, Walking Fortresses and Winter Party (for Sandbox)
Explosive barrels and mines have been added to maps
New weapons - pack of Space weapons from blasters to powerful rifles, Christmas weapons and new weapons for the Special category
New accessories - Engineer Cape and Boots
Christmas stickers
Seven new skins
Lots of bug fixes


  1. The campaign is actually: The story is of a lone survivor who wakes up during a zombie apocalypse, and strives to find the source of the incident.