Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review No. 24 Rayman Legends Online Challenges App - Wii U eShop (12+)

Strong Points:
Brilliant daily and weekly challenges
Lots of leader-boards/statistics
Amazing characters
Great art style
Good fluid platforming
Murfy is really fun
It's free!

Weak Points:
Only three levels which are not challenges
Was only made as a peace offering with Wii U owners
Levels are quite slow
Normal characters are not as fun as Murfy

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 25th April, 2013

A: jump - hold to hover
B: jump - hold to hover
Y: fight - hold to charge
X: fight - hold to charge
ZR: sprint
Start: pause
Left Analogue Stick: move

This multiplayer game was only released for the Wii U as a peace offering to Wii U owners due to the release date being pushed back a lot. You can play this game single player on the GamePad if you wish. There are 12 characters: Rayman, Globox, Sir Globrax, Grand Minimus, Babara Sir Rayelot, Goth Teensy, Red Globox, Teensy Ray, GlobTeen, Globolk and Estelia. Murfy is on the GamePad. You can collect Lums to unlock characters, 23 Teensies and Awesomeness Points which are unlocked by fulfilling certain actions. Multiplayer is when one character can control the player and one controls Murfy on some levels.

There are 3 levels which test various skills such as using the GamePad or hovering. There are then the challenges (daily, extreme daily, weekly and extreme weekly) with the extreme challenges being unlocked when you have enough Awesomeness Points. You compete with the world and your country in one of the five different dungeons. You collect cups by doing well in these challenges. You can display ghosts of other people to go against as well.

Conclusion: this game was an apology by Ubisoft to Wii U owners after making us wait until August for Rayman Legends to be released. It is a good game overall but the normal levels lack replay value and most of the characters are boring. Also, it was supposed to be released with the main game anyway so it feels that Ubisoft have just copy and pasted instead of doing a proper apology. I can't wait until the actual game gets released.

Rating: 84%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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