Thursday, 16 May 2013

1000 View Extravaganza!

Today we reached a landmark of 1000 views.

And so, to mark this amazing event we are introducing a few new things.
Here they are:
App reviews: as we may have told you before we are going to start doing app reviews.
Video Game Quote of the Week: starting Sunday we will be doing a video game quote every week. These will be on the Video Game quote page (you can find this on the navigation bar near the top of the blog).
Revamp of the blog?: we might change the blog background and layout.
Review Extravaganza: next week you (hopefully) will be seeing a lot of reviews to help celebrate this event.
Walkthroughs: we will start doing walkthroughs for selected games.

As always if you have any suggestions for the blog please comment and don't forget to tell your friends!
I cannot wait for 10000!

Thanks for reading Satamer.

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