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App Review No. 2 Kingdom Rush

Strong Points:
Lots of upgrades
Aesthetic changes for towers are great
Names of towers are good
Lots of great upgrades for towers
Lots of levels
Great replay value as there are two more ways to play each level
Boss fights are amazing
Enemies are good in name, looks and variable strengths
Heroes are good, (in both aesthetic and stat terms)
Lots of achievements to work towards
Side quests are great
Encyclopaedia contains great information

Weak Points:

Not enough free heroes
Not enough starter towers- archer, magic, artillery and barracks
Huge difficulty spikes- one level can be very difficult and then the next one being one of the easiest
Shop is poor
Quite a few out of level upgrades are poor
Story isn't brilliant

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: December 19, 2011

Touch to place towers

Kingdom Rush is a great tower defence game with a strong story and great towers. It has 12 (not enough really, come on Ironhide we need more!) great levels in the main storyline that increase in difficulty and can take up to thirty minutes at a time for the later levels (just enough time to complete a level in lunch breakes!) There are also five extreme difficulty levels once you have completed the main storyline and you are, activate fanfare... the Defender of the Realm!!! On the main campaign levels, there are also three difficulties (easy, medium and hard, of course) along with two extra special challenges, Heroic and Iron. Beat these and your boring completion flag becomes silver and gets wings! The storyline follows the idea that the capital has fallen and the realm is threatened by the evil wizard Vezan, dum, dum, dum!!! There are three areas: grass, snow and underworld and three bosses: The Juggernaut, J.T, and Vezan!
Other things that you can do is get heroes, three for free and six for real money Also you can upgrade the towers and your powers, meteor strike and recruitment.

The towers are in four groups: archers, barracks, magic and artillery. They have three upgrades and two branch upgrades where they get some powers.

Note: the magicians deal more damage to units with physical armour and the artillery deals splash damage.
Archer Tower: 4-6 power, average speed, short range.
Marksmen: 7-11 power, fast speed, average range.
Sharpshooter: 10-16 power, fast speed, long range.
Rangers: 13-19 power, very fast speed, great range. Powers: Poison Arrows, Wrath of the Forest.
Musketeer: 35-65 power, slow, extreme range. Powers: Sniper Shot, Shrapnel Shot.


Milita: 50 health, 1-3 power, 0 armour, 10 seconds respawn.   
Footsman: 100 health, 3-4 power, low armour, 10 seconds respawn.
Knight: 150 health, 6-10 power, low armour, 10 seconds respawn.
Holy Order: 200 health, 12-18 power, medium armour, 14 seconds respawn. Powers: Healing Light, Holy Strike, Shield of Valour.
Barbarian Hall: 250 health, 16-24 power, 0 armour, 10 seconds respawn. Powers: Throwing Axes, More Axes, Whirlwind Attack.


Mage Tower: 9-17 magic power, slow speed, short range.
Adept Tower: 23-43 magic power, slow speed, average range.
Wizard Tower: 40-74 magic power, slow speed, long range.
Arcane: 76-140 magic power, very slow speed, great range. Powers: Death Ray, Teleport.
Sorcerer: 42-78 magic power, slow speed, great range. Powers: Summon Elemental, Polymorph. Note: the Sorcerer has the ability to weaken enemies armour.


Bombard: 7-14 power, very slow speed, average range.
Artillery: 20-39 power, very slow speed, average range.
Howitzer: 33-66 power, very slow speed, long range.
Big Bertha: 50-100 power, very slow speed, long range. Powers: Dragonbreath Launcher, Cluster Launcher.
Tesla X104: 60-120 power, very slow speed, average range. Powers: Supercharged Bolt, Overcharge.

Rating: 88% 

Goodbye for now, Harry.

Update: Moloch the Archdevil is here. We need you Hero of Linirea! 2 new stages and another boss battle as well as 5 new enemies and 2 new heroes as well as more achievements and Easter eggs. Get ready for the Burning Torment campaign!

Update: a new evil has risen! The Elves seek your help! Who will stop the terrible foe from the depths of the Rotten Forest? Another stage as well as a boss and a hero! Also, yet more achievements and Easter Eggs.

A new stage - Rage Valley
Survival mode
Game Center Leaderboard support

Update: iCloud Support and new icons for iOS 7 or better

4 new stages - fight against the evil Lord Blackburn!
8 new, unholy and undead enemies!
Boss fight - be prepared to battle Lord Blackburn in a clash like no other!
5 new achievements
Easter eggs, specials, legendary monsters and more!

Come to ye olde update stand and pick up:
Gameplay Tweaks
Interfaces Improvements
Minor fixes
64 Bits

iOS 9 resolution fix on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Touch problems fixed on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
Fixed a bug with Game Center authentication that sometimes causes the app to crash on startup
Fixed a bug with cross promotion link
Minor bug fixes

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