Tuesday, 26 March 2019

6th Birthday

Well, well, well. *Nervous smile* So you've arrived, have you? That, that, didn't take long. *Shuddery laugh* Are we completely sure time is regular? Six years, hm? And look at you! You've only gotten better! More vibrant, more knowledgeable, more, more... I'm sorry. We haven't spent nearly enough time together. No, we are not drifting apart, how could you say that? It's just, you know, I've been busy with other things, and you've demanded more and more thought and care. OK, I didn't mean demanded. Forget I said that...


Anyways, happy birthday to the blog! 6 years strong. *party poppers and crackers*

34 posts were crafted with the finest changes in pixels denoting the English language this year, with a slight skew in favour of film reviews (in part due to a certain Unlimited card). Views have been consistent, with May being the high point with 2345 views due to the juggernaut which was Avengers: Infinity War.

With Google + being shut down by Google near the beginning of 2019, social media has had an interesting time. A major source of sharing has now been lost, but... Oh, this just in. No-one seemed to use Google + anyway. Twitter and Facebook have been consistent with 366 followers and 76 likes respectively.

The two mainstays of this year have been Disney and Kingdom Hearts (which I guess is technically Disney). Out of the 23 posts of the year that weren't VGCOTM's, 8 of them have been Disney or Kingdom Hearts. This isn't surprising due to the events which have happened to them over the past year, and with Kingdom Hearts 3 being released only a couple of months ago, and Endgame on the horizon, you might expect a few more!

Now for the stats!
First Review of This Year: Red Dead Redemption (No. 140) with 117 views!
Most Viewed Game Review: GTA V (No. 68) with 447 views!
Most Viewed App Review: Two Dots (No. 56 - updated No.) with 4967 views!
Most Viewed Film Review: Avengers: Infinity War (No. 39) with 1085 views!
Most Viewed Page: Leaderboards with 2631 views!
No. of Game Reviews: 146! (Including temporarily archived ones)
No. of App Reviews: 110!
No. of First Impressions: 111!
No. of Rants: 11!
No. of Film Reviews: 47!
No. of TV Reviews: 67!
No. of Satamer's Posts: 416 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Harry's Posts: 242 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Martin's Posts: 25 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Euan's Posts: 20 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Olimg's Posts: 9 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Thomas' Posts: 21 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Guest Author's Posts: 7 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
Total No. of Published Posts: 703 posts!
No. of Labels: 65 labels!
Total No. Views: 119,144 views!

Latest Post (not counting VGCOTM): Film Review No. 47 The Favourite (15+) with 29 views!

As always thank you SO much for reading, commenting and sharing this blog. Without your support, this blog wouldn't still be here. We can't wait to see how the sixth year of this blog pans out and I hope you will stay with us for the foreseeable future!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

This cake is realistic. And also, a lie

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