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Video Game Character of the Month - July 2018 - Merlin - Kingdom Hearts

Video Game Character of the Month
July 2018
Kingdom Hearts
Ah, Merlin. While you have had many incarnations over the years across a wide spectrum of mediums, it is Kingdom Hearts where you are remembered most fondly by this writer. His bumbling but calm demeanour brought moments of peace to an otherwise frantic game series. He also introduced the series to The Hundred Acre Wood and, as the series progressed, was shown to have a vast array of powers, including the ability to train people in the ways of the Keyblade. For this, and many other reasons, Merlin is being given the Video Game Character of the Month Award today.
And now for some information on Merlin:

He is a wizard
He originated in the Disney film The Sword in the Stone 
He has lived in both Traverse Town and Radiant Garden
He is the keeper of the book of The Hundred Acre Wood
He has trained Sora in magic
He is friends with The Fairy Godmother
He can help to train prospective Keyblade wielders
He is immensely powerful
He has unruly furniture
He believes in magic over technology
He has a rivalry with Cid
He has a mysterious bag that can hold anything, no matter how large
He can give Sora the Spellbinder keychain, Donald the Dream Rod and Goofy the Dream Shield
He wears a blue cloak
He also wears a matching hat and pair of slippers
He has both a moustache and a floor-length beard
He has a classic albeit plain wand
He nearly broke Radiant Garden's systems by zapping the power computer
He is part of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee
He lives firstly in Mystical House in Traverse Town and then moves to Hollow Bastion and settles in a large cottage
He has met with Ventus, Aqua and Terra, all at different times

Merlin originated in Kingdom Hearts as a side character who can teach Sora magic. He allows Sora to practice his magic against Merlin's furniture in safety. This allows his area to be a moment of peace in the game. He is also the keeper of a special book which turns out to be the novel The Hundred Acre Wood. Sora and co. get sucked into the world of Pooh and Friends, again allowing further respite in the game. Merlin's house is also home to the Fairy Godmother, who allows you to gain summons. In terms of chronology, Birth By Sleep is the 'origin' and so Merlin meets Terra first, who finds The Hundred Acre Wood book after Merlin drops it, then Ventus and finally Aqua, many years before meeting Sora and co. 


In Kingdom Hearts II, Merlin has moved to Hollow Bastion and is part of the Restoration Committee. His cottage serves as the headquarters. He has a tense rivalry with Cid as they both have opposing ideas when it comes to the power and usage of magic and technology. This ultimately culminates in Merlin almost destroying Hollow Bastion's systems by overloading the power computer. Merlin teaches Sora Blizzard and gives him the Summon charm for Chicken Little. He also retrieves The Hundred Acre Wood book from Traverse Town's Zero District. Currently, he is training two apprentices in the ways of the Keyblade, with help from the three fairies - Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

Kingdom Hearts 1: released (Japan) on March 28th, 2002/(North America) on September 17th, 2002/(Europe) on November 15th, 2002/(Australia) on November 22nd, 2002/(Japan - Final Mix) on December 26th, 2002 on the PlayStation 2
Kingdom Hearts II: released (Japan) on December 22nd, 2005/(North America) on March 28th, 2006/(Australia) on September 28th, 2006/(Europe) on September 29th, 2006/(Japan - Final Mix) March 29th, 2007 on the PlayStation 2
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: released (Japan) on January 9th, 2010/(North America) on September 7th, 2010/(PAL) on September 10th, 2010/(Japan - Final Mix) on January 20th, 2011 on the PSP
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: released (Japan) on March 29, 2012/(Europe) on July 20th, 2012/(Australia) on July 26th, 2012/(North America) on July 31st 2012 on the Nintendo 3DS
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix: released (Japan) on March 14th, 2013/(North America) on September 10th, 2013/(Australia) on September 12th, 2013/(Europe) on September 13th, 2013 on PlayStation 3 
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix: released (Japan) on October 2nd, 2014/(North America) on December 2nd, 2014/(Australia) on December 4th, 2014/(Europe) on December 5th, 2014 on PlayStation 3
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix: released (Japan) on March 9th, 2017/(North America) on March 28th, 2017/(Europe) on March 31rd, 2017 on PlayStation 4

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue: released (Japan) on January 12th, 2017/(World Wide) on January 24th, 2017

That's it for Merlin but, as always, if I've made a mistake or missed anything out then please don't hesitate to comment! And let us know who else you think should win the prestigious Video Game Character of the Month Award!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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