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Video Game Character of the Month - February 2018 - Cappy - Mario Series

Video Game Character of the Month
February 2018
Mario Series

Ah, here we are, the Video Game Character of Month, come to collect its award. But what's that it's wearing? Is that a cap? Oh no, no, he's found me... Cappy, Scourge of the Kingdoms, Master of the Odyssey, Finest Dresser 1988. Run! Run! Save yoursel... Cappy! I... I mean Cappy will now be receiving the Video Game Character of the Month Award. Please ignore my new cap, it's just a fashion statement, not a mark of possession.
Now for a little bit of information on Cappy:

His eyes while smiling were made to resemble the M of Mario's cap
He is a Bonneter
He has white/blue hair
His sister is called Tiara
Tiara was kidnapped by Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey
Cappy helped Mario to rescue Tiara in Super Mario Odyssey
His normal form is a white top hat
He can take on the appearance of any of the costumes that Mario can buy in Super Mario Odyssey
He has blue wisps of hair coming out the top of his white top hat
Only his eyes stay when he transforms into another hat
He was a statue in Super Mario Run
He can possess (or Capture) enemies, giving Mario some of their powers for a time
He can only possess a T-Rex for a short amount of time because they are too big to possess for too long
He can also be thrown by Mario as a weapon
He can deflect enemies' attacks
He can remove some poisonous hazards
He can pull up wooden poles and activate levers as well as destroy some environmental objects
He can be used to give Mario another jump
He isn't strong enough to carry Mario
He can be used to warp across the Kingdoms
He can collect most items for Mario except Power Moons and Keys
He seems to have to copy hat designs from hats bought from shops but has his own repertoire as well such as a Captain's Hat
His eyes when smiling were made to resemble the M of Mario's Cap
When performing some actions he has to change back to the Mario Cap design
He is required to fly the Odyssey
He is energetic but timid
He has been a statue in Super Mario Run
He can be controlled by a second player in co-op mode

Origin of Cappy:
Cappy is a sentient hat, sorry I mean a member of the Bonneter species, who looks suspiciously like an Eerie wearing a white top hat. Cappy's white colour was chosen because white was deemed a colour able to fit all the different colours of the hats that he has to transform into on his adventures with Mario. The capture mechanic came as a result of the discovery that throwing a hat was the most pleasing action to perform with the Joy-Con controller. In universe, Cappy joins Mario after his sister, Tiara, was kidnapped along with Princess Peach (again). He meets Mario after the plumber falls into Bonneton following a defeat from Bowser (well I suppose Mario does have to lose every once in a while) and decides to join him in order to rescue the two kidnapees. He takes the design of Mario's shredded cap (a scene that is up there with Mufasa and Dobby's deaths in terms of emotional scarring), after a fashion clash between his top hat form and Mario's overalls. However, before he was in Super Mario Odyssey, Cappy first appeared as a 2,000 coins statue in Super Mario Run on June 14, 2017 to promote Super Mario Odyssey's appearance at E3.

Evolution of Cappy:
Having only been in one major game and a cameo appearance in a mobile game, Cappy hasn't really undergone a lot of evolution. However, in game, his design does develop as he can easily change into any hat design that Mario buys throughout the game. In addition, Cappy decides to stay with Mario after their main adventure is over so as to continue exploring the world.

Super Mario Run: released (World Wide) on December 15, 2016 on iOS/(World Wide) on March 22, 2017 on Android
Super Mario Odyssey: released (World Wide) on October 27, 2017 on Nintendo Switch 

That's all on this month's Video Game Character of the Month. As always, if I've made a mistake or missed something out, or if you want to suggest a future Video Game Character of the Month winner, please don't hesitate to comment.

Goodbye for now, Harry


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