Saturday, 4 April 2015

First Impressions: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Expecting this game to be a short, neon fuelled explosion (which isn't that bad when you think about it) I was surprised when I got down to playing this game. While there are explosions, neon lights and it is short in comparison to Far Cry 3, it is also streamlined, hilarious and most of all, fun. The game mirrors an 80's action movie, with bad puns, patriotism, hidden messages and massive guns. You are a Mark IV super soldier and it is your job to stop a rogue general from basically blowing everything up. To do this you have to... blow everything up.

The game starts with an animated intro detailing the wars that have happened and what America is doing to stop it. Before I knew it, I was thrown into a helicopter shoot down with the enemy base then thrown down into the base and tasked with taking down more of my enemies. But before I could do that I had to go through the tutorial.

Everything in this game is parody or satire or a satirical parody so the tutorial was made to be a complete time-waster with helpful hints like - "jump to jump". Your character, Rex, makes comments all the way often mirroring the thoughts of actual gamers. I laughed out loud a couple of times at just how over the top everything was.

You start the game with four weapons already equipped, allowing you to deal with all kinds of situations. You also can't die from falling, can swim as long as you like etc. You may seem over powered but the enemy is too and you will die many a time.

So far I've played 4 hours and am just over half way through the main story. So far I've encountered cyber-sharks, neon bows and the titular Blood Dragons. I've played one of the side-missions as well where I had to save a scientist who was being held hostage (the mission was named Save the Nerd) It's been a lot of fun with the puns and jokes still going strong and the game even mocking the puns with one character saying that Rex had said that joke already.

Overall this game, while not as thought-provoking or deep in mechanics as Far Cry 3, is still a fun game to play and I can't wait to play more of it.

Thanks for reading, Satamer

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