Monday, 2 September 2013

App Review No. 20 Dots

Strong Points:
Different modes
Lots of achievements
Leaderboards aren't out of reach
Power ups

Weak Points:
Can get boring

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 12th April 2013

Connect the dots by touching them

This is a game about dots. More specifically about connecting the same coloured dots and connecting with the world.

This is due to their being 4 different leaderboards for both of the modes (your scores, the world, twitter and Facebook). The world leaderboards unlike with other games isn't too far out of reach, with it being changed around quite a lot and no one have double the amount someone had before. This is nice as with a world of hacking a leaderboard or using a computer to do it for you, it is good that you could make it into the top five.
The two modes are timed and moves. The timed one has a time limit making you use quick moves of two dots and moves allows you to choose more carefully and plan out your next move with precision.
There are also power ups and combos. Power ups can help you in the game if you pay for them with dots (the games currency, earned by achievements and playing the game) and combos which can take certain dots off the screen. The power ups are: time stop (stops time for five seconds), shrinkers (shrinks a dot off the board) and expanders (gets rid of a colour), while the combos are: squares and rectangles which get rid of that colour. If you know any more combos then please comment.

There is also a multiplayer which pits you and some friends off against each other on the same device to try and beat each other’s scores. There are 30 trophies all which give you dots and act like tutorials saying what you can do.

Conclusion: overall this game is a good little time waster with a great 'just one more level feel'.

Rating: 62%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Faster dot bounce animation, speedier performance, fixed animation glitches and fixed batter usage issue

Themes - four colour themes and three premium these that include fresh sound design.
A Designer Mode that allows you to customize your own dot and background colours
Cleaner, easy to navigate interface
Higher resolution graphics for big screens

New end of game screens for when you lose and show opponents in challenges when you battle

Challenges - play with your friends or people around the world in Dots Challenges.

Improvements to Facebook and Twitter scores

Holiday Theme - play all Dots modes in a winter themed wonderland, plus a few bonus gifts as well as a fixed crash on iOS 5 launch and a fixed crash after some in-app purchases

Fix for weekly score bugs, fix for an issue that prevented Facebook connections on a few devices

Fix for missing scores, no more crashes on iOS 5 devices and localization

Dark Theme - play all Dots modes in a dark colour palette.
Weekly Score Boards added

Endless Mode - a premium mode without the limitations of Time or Moves. Get dots to buy power-ups or just play to relax.
Simplified Design

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