Sunday, 8 September 2013

Review No. 37 Evoland - PC (7+)

Strong Points:
Brilliant concept
Nice gameplay changes
Good audio
Good graphics
Nice story with some laughs
Lots of action styles
Double Twin is fun
Nostalgia is certain

Weak Points:
Too short
Save points are too few and far between
Not enough content (items, upgrades)
Jumps between ideas
Can sometimes get repetitive
Could be more genres they could explore

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 4th April 2013

Different styles of controls and explained in-game

This game is just a brilliant concept. It shows the evolution of the gaming genre (to an extent) while highlighting some off the best bits. The gameplay pace is the same as how games evolved with some bits being slow but with large updates and some with lots of little changes. The aesthetic changes are amazing and really show off the gaming industry although some stages do keep the old graphics and audio so you can keep going back.

The fighting styles are all fun and unique and all show off different games which have inspired generations. They are: Legend of Zelda (real time), Final Fantasy (turn based) and Diablo (hack'n'slash) although Diablo is only in one dungeon. And this is where the problem lies. Most of the gimmicks are only in one dungeon and although they are good, they are way too short.

The story while not very deep is good and there are some jokes in the game. All the main characters are based off some character in a different game although you can change their names if you wish.  Double Twin is a fun minigame and collecting all the cards and stars hidden throughout the game adds a little to the games length although the game is still too short.

This game could have so much more and could explore more genres of the video game industry easily if it wanted to. Also, there are some bugs which hinder the gameplay including your character suddenly walking on its own. Lastly, you have to find save points which means if you want to quit, you have to either find a save point (but there aren't many) or lose some of your progress.

Conclusion: overall this game is a brilliant concept and will give you some nostalgia however it just needs more content.

Rating: 76%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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