Thursday, 20 July 2017

App Review No. 106 Word Cookies!

Strong Points:
Intuitive gameplay
Great theme
Good graphics
Lots of levels

Weak Points:
Can get frustrating
Connecting letters can sometimes be fiddly
Obvious words turn out to be extra words a lot of the time
Can get repetitive
Loss of two word answers after a while

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: December, 2016

Slide: connect letters together
Tap: move through menus

Word Cookies! is a word puzzle game where you connect cookies in a frying pan to make words. Pretty simple concept right? You'd be correct in saying so, and unlike some other word games, Word Cookie's isn't trying to be anything else by adding a Super Duper Time Trial Bonus Words In Greek Or Klingon Only round or something similar. This makes the game a simple and enjoyable experience, which allows you to go on for ten minutes or so on a bus journey and have a crack at a level you just couldn't get your head around earlier.

For the most part coming back to a level later on is a great way of completing it, especially when, thanks to the beauty of the English language, four letters in two different orders sound completely different and you need to clear your head to really see it. However, sometimes you might try for days to figure a level out, handing your phone to random strangers to try and get the word but to no avail. This is when you need a hint, which thanks to daily rewards giving you coin, are quite easy to purchase (although I'd recommend using them only when really needed, as it does take the fun out of the game a bit) and help to jog your brain by filling in a letter. After the first couple of level packs the game does start to feel frustrating but persevere and you will get that word. Until you get stuck on the next one.

Besides my brain just not seeing words sometimes one of the main difficulties in finding a word for the level is simply that some of the more common words you'd think of aren't actually correct. Don't worry, they count as extra words and so go towards your coin purse, but it is a bit odd that some words seem to be constantly left out even though they're part of your everyday English vocabulary. What seems to be the reason, for some of the levels at least, is that some of the words you need to find are simply the plurals of previous words you've already found. While this is fine, more variety would be nice, especially as you don't necessarily think of a plural straight away

Graphically I really like the game. They could've just made it so that you find words to put in boxes, but the entire cooking theme makes the game just generally more interesting to look at. Furthermore, there's plenty of extra themes to do with holidays such as Christmas which increase the variety of the pallet even more. The music is relaxing and perfectly appropriate to the game's genre as well which is always a good bonus if you happen to not be listening to music.

Not that there's a lack of content mind, with over 500 levels and more getting added all the time, along with special levels (increasing the amount of words needed to get a long with a few other surprises), you certainly won't run out of things to do.

Conclusion: overall, this is a great little time waster and if you like word games or are just wanting something to kill a few minutes while waiting for a bus definitely check it out

Rating: 88%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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