Sunday, 26 March 2017

4th Birthday

Whoops. I seem to have slept in and missed the birthday. I blame British Summer Time. So, four years?! And I still haven't met the blog's parents.

Posts have been a bit slower to come around this year than previous due to a number of reasons, but we've still gotten plenty of great content out for everyone (over 100 posts this year), including some posts from guest reviewers! Our views increased a steady amount (slipping past 80k a couple of months ago) but our social media presence has seen a massive increase (302 Twitter followers and 68 Facebook likes). Which is awesome.

With TV reviews coming out intermittently over the course of the first half of the year, as well as a fair few film reviews (all Disney related), the blog started to branch out into all sorts of media. Demos and betas were also everywhere, with first impressions of Doom's Open Beta and Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo out in April. I also did a speed run of Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix over Easter, something I hope to do again with another game in the series soon!

We got our first guest review of the year for CS:GO in May and I also got a new PC and set my sights on Watch_Dogs, a game I had pre-ordered 2 years prior. After over 50's hours in the game, I have to say, it's pretty good. E3 posts were completed from June up to September (they take longer than you think!) and our second Doom First Impressions was released for the demo. I finally completed the Rayman Legends review in July as the Marvel AoS reviews finished up with a review of a superb 3rd series.

Harry, Taylor, Oli and I had a Pokémon battle in July, with Harry and I championing the event. Pokémon Go was released on the 15th July 2017, as was the start of our 3-week journal into the game. That was only the start of the Pokémon Go mania, however, as we kept it up with a Top 5 and review in July and August, respectively. I started my next gaming challenge of completing The Last Of Us: Remastered Grounded Mode, a challenge I have yet to complete (stuck currently with two Bloaters against three rounds of ammo). However, I did manage to do a review of TLOU, after getting a mild addiction to the multiplayer. We also did a slight revamp of the blog's layout in August, and a general clean-up.

More film reviews in September through to December and some Top 5's. Our second guest review appeared with The Witcher 3 and after a four-month playthrough I finished The (original) Witcher on PC and followed that up with Bioshock: Remastered Edition and Spec Ops: The Line (with 2/3rds of them having reviews and the last coming soon). Our third guest review came in the form of a Hardware Review for the iPhone 7 and the year is nearly done now. The next season of Marvel AoS started, as did the reviews and a Rant about the Oscars followed as well (although not about the mistake you are probably thinking about). And we're done. The year in a nutshell. Now for the stats!

First Review of This Year: Just Cause 3 (No. 118) with 53 views!
Most Viewed Game Review: GTA V (No. 68) with 278 views!
Most Viewed App Review: Two Dots (No. 56 - updated No.) with 4884 views!
Most Viewed Film Review: Deadpool (No. 3) with 83 views!
Most Viewed Page: Leaderboards with 2100 views!
No. of Game Reviews: 129! (Including temporarily archived ones)
No. of App Reviews: 103!
No. of First Impressions: 102!
No. of Rants: 10!
No. of Film Reviews: 19!
No. of TV Reviews: 37!
No. of Satamer's Posts: 305 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Harry's Posts: 226 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Martin's Posts: 24 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Euan's Posts: 20 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Olimg's Posts: 9 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Thomas' Posts: 21 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Guest Author's Posts: 7 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
Total No. of Published Posts: 576 posts!
No. of Labels: 61 labels!
Total No. Views: 83,520 views!

Latest Post: Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Deals With Our Devils (S4, Ep7) review with 47 views!

As always thank you SO much for reading, commenting and sharing this blog. Without your support, this blog wouldn't still be here. We can't wait to see how the fifth year of this blog pans out and I hope you will stay with us for the foreseeable future!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

This cake also seems to be lying...