Saturday, 5 November 2016

First Impressions: Battlefield 1

Who doesn't love a good impulse buy every so often? That's what I did with Battlefield 1, the new entry in the Battlefield series by EA. If you didn't know, it's an FPS set in WWI and actually, does a pretty good job at making a respectful representation of the horrors of The War to End All Wars. Here're my first impressions on both the single player and multiplayer as well as how my PC handles the battlefield of Battlefield

The opening prelude was a collection of mini war-stories and acted as a tutorial for most of the controls. It also said to expect to die. And die I did, in all the atrocious ways of World War 1 including but not limited to grenades, fire, shovel attack, gas, artillery and the good old fashioned bullet. At first, I tried to stay alive as long as possible and did. By the end, I was doing the same, but to less of an effect, still, it was a good introduction to the game. However, I must say, that with this being a AAA title with a LOT of controls, to not have a left-handed option already in is a pain. There's only so many times I want to input the up arrow instead of W for forward.

The first war story (the campaign mode) is set in a tank called Black Bess and you are tasked with helping Edward (a chauffeur turned tank driver) and his team to getting to the town of Cambrai, deep in the heart of the enemies lines. The characterisation and uniqueness of all the NPC's is really impressive - you can see them as regular people, who all have their own problems and skills. It's amazing how all this is apparent in roughly an 1 and a half of gameplay, depending on how good you are. Therefore, my game time was more like 2 hours. Overall, I felt the war story to be overall good, with unique battlefields and a good challenge although there was a bit too much stealth for my liking and the bugs of Battlefield were still present. Good old Black Bess.

Onto multiplayer now and my first experiences of any Battlefield multiplayer to be precise. It was... interesting. I did two matches of Conquest - the massive all out war game mode and it was good. I even managed to help slightly. The scope of the match is really awesome, and while the Sinai Desert is frustrating with the lack of cover, you can't help but stare in awe at the sand. In terms of classes, I was mostly assault with a couple of goes at scout. After the hundredth time of dying at the hands of a tank though, I decided it was time for a change.

And that change came in the form of the game mode Domination, exactly the same as Conquest but smaller and without vehicles! I played 5/6 games in total and really enjoyed myself, for the most part, gawking at the graphics and physics, feeling scared of the gas and starting to see the glint of the sniper rifle. Then we got to a match where the enemy got us pinned, and I felt the FPS rage seep up, Thankfully, next game I got a sentry outfit and proceeded to kill everything in sight while standing there - an odd form of catharsis I know.

I've got to quickly talk about the graphics, though, and for a game, I don't technically have the processing power to run (I have an Intel i5 6500 while you need a 6600K), it runs pretty well with most settings on ultra. And it looks beautiful, like Battlefront but with an extra year of experience. Of course, a couple of times the textures didn't look quite as nice as you'd think but then the lighting appears and *dribbles*.

Ah, bugs, thou art a cruel master. Twice I had to reload the last checkpoint of the war story as an enemy didn't spawn or got stuck (once I just saw the Light Tanks crash and pile into each other). Nothing too game-breaking really (the checkpoints are thick and fast) but annoying all the same. As is some of the UI - I want to be able to customise my character without entering a multiplayer game and I want to be able to quit the game before a new game begins. Hmph.

Conclusion: overall, though, I've really enjoyed my time with Battlefield 1, grievances aside and with so much more content to play I can't wait to find more out about the people of the war and to try to get my K/D up (not going to happen).

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

P.S. what's your favourite game mode, class and war story? Comment below.

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