Saturday, 13 August 2016

App Review No. 101 Eggs, Inc.

Strong Points:
Nice, colourful art style
Clever take on the idle genre
Gives visual feedback for most upgrades
Funny newspaper clippings
More to do than in other idle games
Potential to get very big, quite quickly (not too much waiting around)
Can get premium currency just by playing
Nice music

Weak Points:
Lots of different upgrades mean it can be overwhelming
Lots of different numbers to monitor - value of eggs, how many chickens, how many eggs are laid all of which equate to around the same thing
Can't get more than two silos before having to pay real money
Can be difficult to crash drones over larger habitats
No animations inside the habitats

Nit Picks:
Hatchery, shipping depot and research lab never change from the beginning - look underdeveloped in comparison - update: shipping depot and research lab now change as your farm grows as does the hatchery now!

In-depth Review:
Release Dates:
World Wide: 14th July, 2016

Tap to move through menus
Press big red button to hatch chickens

Eggs. Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, health restoring eggs, super material eggs, rocket material eggs, electricity generating eggs... Hang on a second, what?

Eggs, Inc. is a game in the idle genre (Cookie Clickers, Clicker Heroes) which asks the question we were all thinking. What if eggs were the source of all power? You play as a chicken farmer and from the humble beginnings of one coop, a couple of chickens and a dream, you amass a chicken empire. Just make sure the drones don't poach information.

Similar to most other games in the idle genre, Eggs, Inc. tries to add a bit more by giving actual visual feedback to some of the numbers working behind the scenes from the chickens running from the hatchery to the habitats to the trucks picking up the eggs and taking them away. The colourful, blocky art style helps these animations to make quite a visually pleasing game and its great fun to watch over 100 chickens running about the place. To get the chickens moving you press the big red button once to release one chicken (without upgrades) and if you press with more fingers you get more chickens. I really like this interactivity as it's definitely more interesting than clicking once!

Upgrades come along quite regularly and are priced really well making it not take too long before you can buy something more. Each new egg is dramatically better than the one before it, allowing you to get to where you were easily after you reset your farm (which you do by getting said egg upgrade), removing any doubt about resetting your farm being the best option. Premium currency research is also relatively easy to acquire as well due to daily drops and really give a great boost to your income.

At least I think they do, as even though this game does give visual feedback for some quantities in your farm, others such as egg laying rate, hatching rate, vehicle resupply rate etc. are all upgradable but you are, more or less, left in the dark about what effect they give you and even the total % you've upgraded them by. I mean, there is a stats page but for a game which emphasises visual feedback, it seems a bit weird to not have any little visual clues about these stats and it could become confusing to know what you really want to upgrade with all these numbers floating about as well as overwhelming just by the sheer amount of them.

The story for this game is told by newspaper clippings and is really funny and embraces the games wacky concept to the full amount possible. This concept includes drones, which fly around and can be taken down for money. That is if you can touch them, as in the later stages the warehouses are normally picked up instead due to their size.

This is an idle game and one of the great things about this genre is the ability to feel like you've achieved something even if you're not actively on the game. Which makes the idea of limiting the time you can be off the game, while still making money, to 2 hours at a time, without going back on or paying real money to increase the break-time available, a bit odd.

Conclusion: a quirky take on the idle genre which really works although it can't quite remove all the limitations of the genre from its egg filled ranch.

Rating: 70%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

New egg
New research (common and epic)
Elite drones - harder to get but better rewards
Shipping Depot and research buildings grow with your farm
Performance improvements and bug fixes

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