Friday, 15 August 2014

First Impressions: Nosgoth

In a world where vampires and humans fight in arenas beautifully crafted out of stone and blood comes the tale of a gamer who only got the game because of the free weekend on Steam. Delve into a world of regenerative health, third person perspectives and no jumping. And it is brilliant.

When I first loaded up this game and changed the controls to fit my left-handedness, I (naturally) went straight to the tutorial and found an in-depth guide on movement and combat and my first glimpse at the amazing graphics and attention to detail the developers have put into this game.  However due to this game being in beta I did encounter some bugs which stopped my progress in the tutorial (these were the only bugs I encountered though and they were fixed by just restarting the level).

After completing most of the tutorial, I entered my first 4v4 match and equipped my free weekend banner (which shows up on the scoreboard behind your name). I started off as a human and chose the Hunter (you could've also picked the Alchemist) and began the match. I noticed a few things in my first match:
The recoil of my crossbow was quite large.
The first person to get to 30 kills (or who has the most kills at the end of the match) wins.
The leaderboard is slightly confusing with the person who is winning on top and the person who is losing is at the bottom and the only way you can tell which one is which is via colour codes (blue for vampires, orange for humans).
The attention to detail is amazing.
You could have a few lives of nothing and then get five kills with one life.
The special powers are essential to winning.

After playing as the humans (and closely losing), I swapped over to the vampires' team and chose the Reaver (you could've also picked the Tyrant) and noticed a few more things:
The vampires are generally more powerful than the humans due to their ability to climb up walls and reach places inaccessible to humans then pounce on them when they least expect it.
The humans need teamwork in order to win while the vampires are more solo.
Both teams are completely different in their playstyles.

After losing that match (although it was close), I joined another match, this time equipping my veterans badge (which I got for buying the veterans pack for £1.50 as it was on sale). The veterans pack also granted me access to the game after the free weekend closed. When I had lost this match (this one was even closer), I checked out the armoury and statistic pages (which are both in-depth). I encountered a bit of lag when switching between menus but, overall, I had a very pleasant gaming experience and I can't wait for this game to get updated with more classes and fix any bugs.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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