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Video Game Character of the Month - May 2017 - Aloy - Horizon: Zero Dawn

Video Game Character of the Month
May 2017
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Do I present this award in data point format, spread it across the world and make you read it with your phones? No? Might be a bit inefficient, so we'll keep it here for now (but who knows, Geocaching these awards may be the future). Anyway, back to the recipient of this award and she's already cemented herself as a mascot of adventure and courage, much like Nathan Drake or Lara Croft before her. And she can ride robot dinosaurs.
And now for a bit of information on Aloy - some spoilers ahead for the game

She's nineteen
She can use many weapons from slingshots to heavy weapon 'machine guns' but prefers a bow
She can override the robots to do her bidding, be it traversal or fighting
She can be compassionate, clever or just plain angry
She has a Focus which allows her to see things others can't and communicate over long distances
She's really good at parkour, as long as the grips are marked in yellow
She has unlimited stamina
She was made, not born
She has the same genetic code as Elisabet Sobeck, the creator of Zero Dawn
She can make arrows and bombs on the fly
Rost is her adoptive father
She was an Outcast but was then made a Seeker and then Anointed
She can fight and beat enemies entire armies could not
Her name may be a play on the word Alloy
She is considered one of the three pillars of Horizon: Zero Dawn
She can modify her outfits to protect her against elemental damage, ranged or melee damage
She can modify her weapons to increase their damage output, handling and status effects
She is a Fledgeling in the Hunter's Lodge
She is naturally curious, willful and compassionate

Origin of Aloy:
Story-wise, she was created by GAIA as a countermeasure against a glitch in GAIA's code that released Hades when he wasn't needed. She was modelled after Elizabet Sobeck, using her genetic material so that she could access all the of the bases with administrative privileges. In terms of making the character of Aloy, Guerrilla Games used her as one of the three 'pillars' of the game while pitching along with the machine beasts and nature as a focal point. She was seen as a risk by some, including Sony, who conducted a testing to with focus groups to see if there was a want for a character like Aloy.

Evolution of Aloy:
Over the course of the game, Aloy gains new abilities (overriding machines for example) and weapons/outfits, all of which help her to defeat new machines she encounters throughout the story. She can upgrade her skills and equipment through skill points and modifications respectively, and can even find some armour which makes her invincible. In the real world, Aloy went through slight revisions over the course of designing. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn: released (North America) on 28th February, 2017/(Europe) on 1st March, 2017 on PlayStation 4

Well, that's it on Aloy but, as always, if I have made a mistake or missed something, please don't hesitate to comment! Also, if you can think of another character that is worthy of winning the Video Game Character of the Month Award, then please comment as well!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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